Repair Laptop Crashed BIOS

2014.06.15 | Rev 0.00

If your laptop BIOS crashed, you can download BIOS firmware from vendor offical support website, and restore it following guide line. The worst case is that your BIOS damaged boot block area, and the machine could not boot anymore, so you have to flash the whole firmware to BIOS rom via a programmer.

But sometimes you cannot flash firmware file to rom directly, since some laptop vendors (such as HP) removed the boot block data from released BIOS image, so you need the full image from some where and then flash again. I collected some laptops' factory BIOS image, and will show you how to flash BIOS rom:


Generally, ODM will design and manufacture products for OEM (Design house is also included in this mode), therefore, a laptop product has two names: One is project name, and another is marketing name. For instance, HP Probook 4730s is the marketing name, and its project name is Ramones.

In this section, I will step-by-step show you how to flash HP Probook 4730s laptop factory BIOS image:

1. Get the BIOS full image.

There are two ways to get the BIOS full image:

[1] If you have a workable machine in hand which is the same model, you can de-mount the SPI BIOS rom and read the data via programmer. Then go to step 5.

[2] Otherwise, please go next.

2. Download official BIOS image from support website.

We search the key word "4730s" and "BIOS" in HP support website, and the BIOS package sp51969.exe could be listed for download.

3. Extract the BIOS package to local folder.

sp51969.exe is an update package, and it packed some files, such as rom file (*.CAB), flash tools (*.exe) and release notes(*.rtf). The rom file(*.CAB) compressed the image and signature file, that will prevent hack image. In this package, we are trying to find the internal project name in release note (*.rtf). Open WSSSP51969.rtf from local folder, and we can find the string "TITLE: Roxette/Ramones/Journey 1.0 System BIOS" in the first line. Roxette/Ramones/Journey is the internal project name, Roxette is the name of 4330s, and Ramones is the name of 4730s, and another one (I've no idea of it.). That means all of these three have the same BIOS image.

By the way, you can also extract *.CAB file, and get the update file (Rom.bin) for BIOS update.

4. Find the factory BIOS image.

In this step, I cannot help you unless I have it, but you may get the image file from HP offical repair store if they are willing to.

If you have another workable same machine, you could read the image data from its BIOS rom.

5. Flash the BIOS rom.


It is better to flash firmware through a SPI programmer, since some methods may not re-write boot block area. If you do not have programmer, you can borrow one or take a small gift to HP repair-man for help. :-)

I do not suggest to flash BIOS rom on another platform with software tools, because the software tools may not flash boot block area. For safe, please use programmer.

Please remember to verify the data that burned in is the same as binary file.

6. Boot up your system.

After above steps, just press power button to boot up system. Hope it works, if not, just check step 1-5, and if it still does not work, you may take it to see computer doctor.


Here is a BIOS images list that I collected:

HP Probook 4730s Ramones MX 25L3206E 4MB 68SRR4.BIN
HP Probook 4330s Roxette MX 25L3206E 4MB 68SRR4.BIN

I am not sure if I can publish these binary files, please send email to me if you need it: